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Monday 11th January


Please practise counting on and back in 2s, 5s, 10s (and 3s if you are Year 2). 



Year 1 Maths

LQ: Can I add by counting on? 

Today we will be using number lines and ten frames to add. Remember adding can be done in any order, so start with the bigger number each time. 


Year 2 Maths

This week, we are continuing with our topic of money. We will be looking at making amounts, comparing, finding the total/difference and finding change. 


I wonder if you can use any coins you have at home to make the same amounts?


Can you make the same amount using different coins? 

Can you compare different amounts? 

Can you swap a coin for others and still make the same amount? 


What is the smallest amount of coins you can use to make ... £1,  50p ,  £1.50,  £2 ?


LQ: Can I listen to and talk about a story?

In this first lesson of this new unit, we listen to the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' and map out the key points in the story.

Year 1 Phonics

This will be taught during our zoom lesson. If you can't make it, please use the information below to do the lesson in your own time.


Revisit - Flashcard time challenge (all phases)

            - Tricky word trucks (choose any phase to practise reading tricky words)


Teach - Alternative spelling of /n/ - We can use 'gn' to make the same sound.


Blending for reading - gnat    gnaw    sign


Segmenting for spelling - resign    gnome


Practise/Apply - Read the phoneme spotter story (below). Today, I would like you to find all of the gn words. You could put all the words you find into a list. Challenge: Write a sentence using some of the gn words.

Year 2 Phonics 

If you are unable to join us on Zoom, here is an outline. 


Use Phonics play and read and write two phase 5C sentences. 


Recap: What is a verb? 

Recap: What is the past tense and what is the present tense? 

Key words: root word, verb, tense, suffix

Today I am  looking at a book.

Yesterday I looked at a book. 

What do we add to most words when we put them into the past tense? 

Children add ing and ed suffiixes to the following verbs

mix, help, jump, shout, wait snow, want 

Note: Sometimes the ed ending is pronounced differently (wanted, snowed, jumped)

Write a sentence using verb in present tense and verb in past tense.