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Wednesday 10th February


When writing calculations that involve sharing in Y2, we use a special symbol... have you seen it before? 


This symbol means share, group, divide by, equal groups and share equally. 


Can you share objects you have at home into equal groups and write your own calculations using this symbol?


Make equal groups - sharing (2)

Make equal groups - sharing" by White Rose Maths (2)

Maths Challenges

If you would like to challenge yourself, there are some great questions below that involve using your reasoning and problem solving skills. You could answer one/two of these on paper or in your home learning exercise book. smiley


Please practise this week's spellings on Spelling Shed. 



Re-read yesterday's words. 

camel, tunnel, squirrel, travel, towel, tinsel, shovel, trowel, chapel, funnel



al, metal, petal  

al making the l sound. 



metal, petal, sandal, total, plural, animal, hospital, capital

Guess the word from the picture/ clue and write the spelling.

Cutlery is made from this. 

Daffodils have yellow...……… 

Cats and dogs are.... 

If you break your leg you will need to go to...…. 

Your sentence must begin with a...……….letter. 



Write sentences that need different types of punctuation such as exclamation marks, question marks or speech marks. 



See Monday.