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Tuesday 25th January


This week, we will continue to learn about how to solve division calculations. Today we will look at how to divide a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number. Click here to watch a video lesson and then have a go at the questions below. smiley


We are continuing with our writing for The Nowhere Emporium this week.


Today is a sentence stacking day so you will need to split your paper into a 'thinking side' and a 'writing side'. We are going to be writing sentences to describe what happens next inside the the emporium. 



Learning chunk 1 - Metaphor

Firstly, we are going to use metaphors to describe the man in the shop. Create a word chart, with the column headings Colour/Weather/Emotions. Start with colours and then fill in the other two columns.  



Then, explore ideas for some of the magical sights that Daniel might see in the shop e.g. Snowflakes falling in a framed photograph. Sparks of gold and silver light. Dancing objects. Puffs of coloured smoke. 


Learning chunk 2 - Relative clause

Look at the black and white rainy street scene photo (below) and write down what you can see. Gather a bank of nouns and adjectives to describe the nouns. Then, make a bank of simple noun phrases e.g. murky street, enormous raindrops, ever-growing puddles, sad people, stooped shoulders. 


Learning chunk 3 - Simile 

Look at the picture of the silver birds (below) and collect action verbs for how the birds might be moving through the air e.g. flapping, swooping, spinning, swerving, circling, gliding, pirouetting. 


Then, gather adjectives for the birds e.g. metallic, shiny, pointed, delicate, gleaming, shimmering. 



Learning chunk 1  - Metaphor

Teacher model: The weathered face before him held tired, hooded eyes - full of rainstorms and grey clouds. Suddenly, the air between them cracked gold and sparked silver. Daniel became aware of falling snowflakes, tumbling and drifting within the mirror behind the shopkeeper. 


Learning chunk 2 - Relative clause 

Teacher model: Turning slowly, Daniel peered out of the window, which displayed crying clouds, murky streets and ever-growing puddles. 


Learning chunk 3 - Simile

Teacher model: As he looked back towards the room, the red, velvet curtain fluttered and the man disappeared. Two silver birds swooped from behind the curtain. Every feather, delicate as a shard of glass, mirrored the roar of the raging coal fire.