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Homework set Wednesday 1st March 2023


There will be new words on Spelling Shed.  Please practise on there or on one of those old fashioned things - a piece of paper! smiley



Punctuation Book  pg 22 and 23

This work focusses on the use of commas.  A comma shows the reader that there is more information to come BUT not a whole extra sentence to follow.  If it is a whole sentence of further detail, then use a full stop or join with a semi-colon or a conjunction.

Sometimes, you can get a 'feel' for where a comma goes by reading the writing out loud.  Where you feel the need to take a breath is often where you need a comma as long as it is not the end of a sentence!


Reading Homework

You should have read up to the end of pg 102 over the half term holiday.

Your questions this week focus on pg 99 - 102.  
For the skimming part, remember you do not need to write the words in your book.  If you wish, you can just record the time it took you to find all the words in the text.


Maths Homework


Arithmetic Book pg 25 and 27

These pages focus on addition and subtraction of decimal fractions.  We practised this in class last week.  Remember to set your calculations out in columns and use zero place holders to help you to make the numbers have the same number of decimal places.

If you wish too, you may also do pgs 24 and 26.  These are optional extras as if you can do the ones on pg 25 and 27 then you'll definitely be able to do these!