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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Homework to be handed in on 4th February

Spellings: List 16. Spelling Rules: Words with an /oh/ sound spelled ‘ou’ or ‘ow.’

Maths - Arithmetic: 

Adding Decimals (p24)  Subtracting Decimals (p26)

Remember to line your place value columns up carefully, and include 0 as a place holder if needed.



Active and Passive Voice (p.39)

Remember, In active sentences, the subject does something.  In passive sentences, something is done to the subject.



Set B: Test 1

1. How long has Jake been practising making sandcastles?

all day        all summer           all week         all afternoon


2.  ...without undermining its walls and bringing it crashing down.

What does the word undermining mean in this phrase?

criticising     weakening     cementing     strengthening


3.  The weather changes partway through. 

a) Find and copy the group of words the writer uses to show the change.

b) Explain how the weather changes.


4. How could Jake use the clouds to judge how fast the storm was coming?


5. Find and copy two words which suggest that the waves are cruel.


6. How do you think Jake felt as he ran towards his grandfather's car? Use the text to support your answer.