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Monday 22nd February


Welcome to this half term's learning in maths - it's all about SHAPE.  This is one of those areas of maths where working at a greater depth level in number or other topics, does not always mean that you will work at greater depth in shape.  We usually find that different children find shape easy or hard.  It is often about whether you 'see it' or not.  SO this - might be a time to challenge yourself or simply be kind to yourself and admit this might not be your area of strength.  Either is totally fine.

Remember - there are a number of handy tools you can use to check for right angles which you will be thinking about in today's lesson.  You can use a protractor if you have one but you can also use the corner of a ruler, the corner of a piece of paper, anything with what we might call a 'square corner'.

Extra maths tasks...

Draw a picture of a  house, your bike, a castle, a phone etc.  Label all the perpendicular lines.

Find all the perpendicular lines in your house.

Spot them if you go out for a walk.

Make some lego buildings, shapes, figures - can you use perpendicular lines in your building?