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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Here are some ideas of things to do that don't involve the computer....

Okay, so you have to click on here to get some ideas, but once you've got an idea, turn off the computer and go and do it!

15 Things to imagine, draw or write about or try out...

1) You are a scuba diver and you have just made the most exciting underwater discovery.  What have you found?

2) If you could take a photograph of anything, anywhere, any time, what would it be? Draw it.

3) What would you do with a fortune?

4) Design a robot to do a chore that you don't like doing... (it can't be home learning!)

5) Scientists have just discovered a new species of fish (or any animal of your choice),but they haven't named it yet.  What do you think it looks like and what would you call it?

6) Design a postage stamp for the first letter sent from the moon/Mars/Jupiter/Outer Space....

7) Draw a page with 8 identical circles on it (draw round a glue lid or coin or something similar). Can you turn each one into something different - could be by drawing inside it or outside adding extras eg a circle could be become a flower, a snail shell etc etc

8) Imagine today is your birthday... A parcel arrives for you.  Inside it is the present you most want in the world.  Draw and write about what it is.

9) A group of explorers have found a rare bird in the deep jungle.  They have sent back a picture of the bird sitting in a tree.  Draw what they sent back.

10) Who would you give a trophy to?  Why?  What would the trophy look like?  What would the award ceremony be like?  The choice is yours of whether this is a real person, a living person, a dead person, a family member etc

11) Design a wrapper and make up a name and advert for a brand new chocolate bar/breakfast cereal/biscuit etc

12) What kind of transport will we have 50 years from now?  Design it, name it, make an advert for it.

13) Turn part of your favourite film or book into a comic strip.

14) Learn a poem off by heart and perform it for your family.

15) Learn to write with the opposite hand than you normally do.  Keep practising - how good can you get?