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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Tuesday 2nd February


Today is problem solving, using the skills that you've built up over the last week.

Some of these need lots of thinking about so choose your challenge carefully.  Even if you often do the greater depth work in school, you don't have to chose it every day, especially not for problem solving. You are in a different learning situation now - challenge yourself but chose wisely. Much better to pick a level of work that allows you to use what you've learnt rather than something that is going to leave you frustrated and practising nothing! 


Topic - Mental Wealth

How did you get on with your card towers?  We hope you had fun and were able to use your resilience to persevere, even if you didn't get very far!

Today, please watch the second part of the Well Being Workout.  This is the final part aimed at Primary School children.

When you've done that...

Have a think about how others are feeling.  Doing something good for someone else can often make you feel good – especially in this lockdown situation.  Last time we had rainbows and clapping – this time feels different so it’s down to the very best version of you to do something.

Task 1 – make your own Remindful card or poster, like the ones we use in class and have started posting each day.  This might be something that you say to yourself when you’re finding things tough, or something someone in your family says to keep you going.  It might help you tackle a problem or keep you practising when something is hard.  It might be something that you do to calm yourself down if you are upset or angry. 

Decide what your saying is going to be and then design a poster or background (like on the Remindfuls cards that we use in school and on the website).  Perfect your design and then if you can, get an adult to take a picture and email them to us and we’ll start putting them onto the webpage after half term.  No worries if not – use it to help yourself and then we can share them when we return to proper school. (Even home schooling won’t last forever although it might feel like it!)

Task 2 – Make a thank you card for someone in your house who is helping you during lockdown.  This might be help with home learning, it might be providing you with meals, clean clothes etc.  Design and draw a card for someone – keep it secret until its done and then present it alongside a smile and even a hug!  See if you can do something that makes someone’s day.