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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Wednesday 18th November



In English, we are continuing our battle speech.  


Follow the link below and learn about the battle of Lindisfarne.




After watching the short clip, write down as many verbs to show what the Vikings did.

For example: 

Stole, invaded, attacked etc.

Next think of as many negative intent nouns to describe the Vikings.

For example: 

crooks, sword-carriers, brutes etc.


Next think about creating some similes to think about how the vikings attacked.


For example:

Like angry wolves,  like a pack of hyenas, spreading destruction as fast a a growing fire etc.


Now think about what a cowardly king would do:


Cower, run, hide etc.


Finally, think about how the simile would attack:


With its angry jaws, poisoning our land, with jagged fangs etc.


Now have a go at using this information to write the next section of the speech.


I have attached the model again to help.  We are writing the 'getting tough' section.