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Reading Homework

Here is where you will find your groups reading homework, which will be due in a week after it is set. 


Mr Bond's Groups


Group 1 and 2

Pair of Glasses Mistaken for Art 


1) Explain in your own words why some visitors to modern art galleries might feel dissatisfied. (2 marks)


2) Why do you think that author used the word probably on line 19? (2 marks)


3) Why did Nguyen feel an 'awkwardness' when retrieving his glasses? Explain why you think this. (2 marks)


4) How do you think the people who photographed the glasses on the floor might have felt when they found out it was a joke? Explain your answer (2marks)


5) Do you agree that "Anything in life can be art" (line 45)? Explain your answer. (2 marks)



Reading Groups 3 and 4


Read The Jungle Book Extract on pages 6 and 7 then answer the questions below. 


Guided Reading Homework


Mr Bottomley's Group


On your reading day next week (week beginning 21st January), I would like you to come along to your guided reading session ready to talk about your favourite author. We will have a discussion about our favourite authors and think about what it is that they do well. 

You might want to make some notes in your reading homework book to help you.

These might include: Which characters do you like and why? Are there themes across all their books? Is there an example or a quote from a book that you would like to share? What does the author do well?


Thank you.