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Reading Homework

Your reading homework will appear here, we will have a group chat once a week so make sure your answers are ready for then. 



Reading Group 1


The Listeners


1. What information do we learn about the house from the poem? (3 marks)

2. On line 27 the traveller shouts ‘Tell them I came and no one answered’ why do you think he shouted that if there was no one in? (2 marks)

3. What do you definitely know about the traveller in the poem? (2 marks)

4. What does the word dwelt mean? (1 mark)

Reading Group 2


The Demon Headmaster


1. Why do you think Dinah wanted to get some of the answers wrong? (2 marks)

2. How does the Headmaster character make you feel and why? (2 marks)

3. On line 80 it says Dinah found herself shivering. Why do you think she feels like this? (2 marks)

4. What do you think is going to happen to Dinah? (2 marks)

Reading Group 3


Trapped – The coral island


Page 3-12


  1. Why do you think the title of the collection of books is Trapped? (1 mark)
  2. At the top of page 12 the word are is in italics why do you think this is? (2 marks)
  3. On page 6 there are 3 examples of horizontal lines, two doing different jobs, what are they called and what is there purpose? (3 marks)
  4. What next for our 3 stranded boys? What do you think they will do and why? (3 marks)

Reading group 4


Moving on – All’s well that ends well.


Page 15 to 22

  1. In the phrase ‘blood-stained bandages’ on page 20, what is the punctuation between the words called and its purpose? (2 marks)
  2. What do you think Will will do, go to London or back to normal life? Why? (3 marks)


Reading group 5


The Secret Garden


1. What does the word imploringly mean? (1 mark)

2. What sort of person was the little girl (Mary Lennox), find evidence within the text? (2 marks)

3. Why do you think the men did not tell Mary directly about what had happened? (2 marks)

4. Where do you imagine the story to be set? (1 mark)

5. (Hard question) How do you think the snake represents all the people in the compound? (2 marks)

Reading group 6


The Curse of the Baskervilles – play


1. Where in the world is Baskerville Hall (be as accurate as you can be)? (1 mark)

2. On page 60 the Narrator says “Mrs Barrymore looks confused and stammers”. Why is this important for the reader to know? (2 marks)

3. What clues lead Sherlock to know it was a false story? (2 marks)

4. Why does the play tell you when it changes scene? (2 marks)