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Reading Homework

Your reading homework will appear here, we will have a group chat once a week so make sure your answers are ready for then. 


Reading Group 1 and 2


Wild Ride



Reading Group 3 and 4


Midnight Fox - page 66

1. Why did Tom not include the fox in letter to Petie? (2 marks)

2. On line 41/42 what is this clause called? (1 mark)

3. Why do you think Tom was so mesmerised by the fox? (2 marks) 


Silver - page 45

4. Why are all the things mentioned in this poem described as silver? (2 marks)

5. What is strange about the way the fish is described and what does it make you think? (2 marks)


Reading group 5 and 6 


Given text called 'Through My Eyes' with attached questions