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Reading Homework

Your reading homework will appear here, we will have a group chat once a week so make sure your answers are ready for then. 



Reading Group 1


All about Jackson


Read chapter 3 and 4

1. What do frightened rabbits do? (1 mark)

2. How do you think Bunny feels towards Jackson knowing that they are stuck? (2 marks)

3. Where was Atlanta heading? (1 mark)

4. If you were in Bunny and Jackson's position how would you feel, explain why? (2 marks)

Reading Group 2 


Read chapter 3 and 4

1. What did Alfie say when Jenny wanted to help the 3 horses? (1 mark)

2. Do you think the plan will work and why? (3 marks)

3. How did the horses know about the rustlers before the stableman? (1 mark)

4. Why did the man come and go again? (1 mark)

5. Why do you think it is better that the rustlers are caught red-handed? (3 marks)

Reading Group 3


A mouse called Wolf


Read Chapters 1 and 2

1. What does the blurb tell us about what might happen later on in the book? (2 marks)

2. Why does the author use brackets in the text on page 8? (1 mark)

3. What was the mother mouse using as bedding? (1 mark)

4. How many keys are there in total on the piano? (1 mark)

5. Why do you think Wolfgang Amadeus was pleased to have his name shortened to Wolf at the end of chapter 2? Giving examples to explain why? (3 marks)

Reading group 4


Read up to the end of chapter 2.

1. Why was Martin different to the rest of the litter? (1 mark)

2. What names did Martin get called by the other cats? (1 mark)

3. Page 14 what does the word quavery mean? (1 mark)

4. How is the mouse feeling at this point? Using examples from the text can you tell me why you think that? (3 marks)

5. On page 15 there is punctuation that is a longer hyphen, what is it called and what job does it do?

6. Despite sounding the cleverest was the pig actually any help? (2 marks)

Reading group 5


Moving on – All’s well that ends well.


  1. In the first two pages the word ‘Thwack” appears. What is it called when a word mimics a sound?
  2. On page 6 there is an example of some of the text in italics. Why is there some writing in italic?
  3. In the phrase ‘blood-stained bandages’ on page 20, what is the punctuation between the words called and its purpose?
  4. On page 11 it says Will’s mother was ‘gazing mournfully’ what does that mean?
  5. What do you think Will will do, go to London or back to normal life? Why?

Reading group 6


Trapped – The Coral Island - Page 3-12


  1. Why do you think the title of the collection of books is Trapped? (1 mark)
  2. At the top of page 12 the word are is in italics why do you think this is? (2 marks)
  3. On page 6 there are 3 examples of horizontal lines, two doing different jobs, what are they called and what is there purpose? (3 marks)
  4. What next for our 3 stranded boys? What do you think they will do and why? (3 marks)