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Welcome to Ash Class


We are Foundation Stage children and the youngest pupils at Trull School.

Our Class Teacher is Miss Kennard whilst Mrs Bottomley is away on maternity leave. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Fish

and Mrs Trower. 


W/B 16.04.2018 – The sun is shining and we’re all smiling!


What a wonderful week we’ve had! The children thoroughly enjoyed looking at the story, Handa’s surprise and what a surprise she did have! For those who aren’t familiar with the story, please use the link below:


The children tasted different fruit from the story. The children described the fruit by what it looked like and what it tasted like. It was great to see some children trying fruits, even if they weren’t sure whether they would like them or not!

In maths the children have been continuing to develop their understanding of teen numbers. We have been representing teen numbers in different ways, using bricks, numbers, Numicon, hands and even dienes. Please continue to practise numbers 0-20 with your children at home. How about making numbers out of playdough!


To finish off the week, the children were keen to get outside and explore the outside grounds again. The children had a challenge to use tyres and planks to get across the scary green river! The children worked in groups to see if they could get across to the other side. Great team work this week! 

W/B 09.04.2018 - Kindness week! 


WOW! What a busy week we've had! Writing, numbers, reading, listening, exploring and to top it all off a fantastic welly walk around the school grounds! 


During this week, the children created their kindness hands. These are decorated paper hands with lots of words and sentences about how to be kind! They are now decorating our cloak area, making our classroom look great. We are working towards being able to write sentences and recognise that each word has its own meaning. Any practise at home to talk about words and their meaning would be helpful. 


In maths, the children have been focusing on teen numbers. We have been looking at what teen numbers represent. For example, 15 isn't just a 1 and a 5. It's a 10 and a 5! We've been using a bit of a magic trick, for example with 15, we've said, the 1 from 15 is actually a magic 10 but the 0 is hidden! What a tricky concept but the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning and taking part in number activities throughout the week. 


Throughout this week, the children have been listening to stories based on kindness. We've discussed how sometimes being kind can be quite hard. We've been talking about different emotions and encouraging children to be kind to everyone. 

To finish off the week, we went on our first welly walk. Even though the sun wasn't shining we enjoyed exploring the mud kitchen, flowers and hidden numbers! The children explored in teams and worked together to solve problems. One problem we had was to move some heavy tyres across the grass. It was great to see different ideas of how to move the tyres and how working together made it easier! 


In book bags you will find handwriting sheets. Please practise forming these letters at home. We are finding that children are able to form them correctly during handwriting practise but then when writing in books they are forming them incorrectly. Any extra help would really motivate and remind the children. This will be useful for Year 1 when the children start to join their letters together.



W/B 19.03.2018 - 'Easter service, Zoo lab and to finish it off Easter parade!' 


What a fantastic last week at school. Among all of our fun activities, the children also looked at the meaning of different time related words. We talked about what we may do before we go to school. Can you believe it, some people brush their teeth before breakfast and then after! Not all of us though, myself and others clearly cannot wait for breakfast! 

The children enjoyed thinking about how things need to be done in order to work. We realised that you can't go on holiday first and then pack your bag. Words such as before, after, next, later, today, yesterday, tomorrow were used! Great language. 


During writing, the children decided to write to the Highway rat, acting as one of the many characters. The children thought of what they may want to say to him, some being more forgiving to the rat than others! 

Ash class enjoyed watching Year 5 perform in their Easter service, we also sang along to the different songs we have been learning. If you want to listen to one of the amazing songs that the children LOVED to sing here is a web link: 

Be warned, it is very catchy and you will have it in your head for weeks! Luckily it's a great song. 


The children had a very lovely treat this week, kindly dontated by TSF which was Zoolab. We were able to see and hold a bearded dragon, a rat (very well timed with 'That Pesky Rat' and 'The Highway Rat' stories we've been reading), a hissing cockroach, a snake and a giant snail. The children enjoyed holding or stroking these animals and learning facts about where they live or what they eat. It was very impressive to hear topic words such as carnivore, herbivore and omnivore being used by the Receptions! Finally, last but not least, we saw a very lovely tarantula, safely kept in its box for the children and adults to look at!


Please find attached some photos and also a handwriting sheet. With the 5 week term zooming by, this term we are continuing to practise and recap over 'one armed robot' letters. We will send home sheets first week back if you would like to do any practise at home. 


I hope you have all had a lovely restful 2 weeks off and are ready to get back into the Summer term! I'm looking forward to seeing you all shortly. 



W/B 12.03.2018 - 'Shapes, glorious shapes!' 


This week, the children have enjoyed showing off all they have learnt during phonics! Each child has gone through their tricky words, phonics sounds and skills of segmenting and blending. What a busy week they've had.

During Maths, the children have been looking at flat 2D shapes and solid 3D shapes. They have recapped their knowledge on naming 2D shapes and begun to learn some interesting names for 3D shapes like cuboid, sphere and cube! We listened to a 3D shape rap, which Miss Kennard knew all the words! 

The children wrote about their favourite character from the story 'The Highway Rat'. We used describing words to label each character and thought of sentences to write about the character. 

The children also learnt about Palm Sunday and created palm leaves to celebrate the king! 

To finish the week, we said goodbye to our helper Miss Penny; the children really enjoyed having her help us in school. 

W/B 5.03.2018 - 'What a wonderful worship week!'


This week has been rather unusual, with lots of different exciting things happening. 
On Monday, we had a normal school day, learning different mathematical words. The children were able to explain the meaning of heavy and light as well as using different objects to help their explanations! The children then used scales and more measuring throughout the week to explore their understanding of weight.

Tuesday and Wednesday, was a wonderful day, learning about lots of different religions. The children created many amazing items which linked to a specific religion.

On Wednesday afternoon, we attended a special assembly talking about what we had learnt and singing a brand new, very catchy, song together. 

Thursday was our (catch up) World Book day, the children came in almost unrecognisable! We shared our day with Year 6 listening to their stories based on 'That Pesky Rat'. The children ate their snacks and tucked into an imaginative story. We also participated in 'Drop and Read', whenever the bell rang the children listened to a story. 

To finish the week, the children have been making their Mother's day cards. The children learnt about how people celebrate Mother's day around the world! 


W/B 26.02.2018 - 'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, SNOWDAY!' 

This week, (if you can call it a week) the children learnt the new story of 'That Pesky Rat'. They listened attentively and thought of reasons why people should have a rat as a pet. They then began to create their own persuasive poster! The children thought of lovely ideas to try and persuade somebody to buy a rat. We thought of different facts about rats and even described them. 

During maths, the children were looking at capacity and weight. We talked about how different containers can hold different amounts of water. We looked at problems involving water and how to solve them. We will continue to look at weight and capacity next week. 

During PE, the children had lots of fun climbing over the soft play. We talked about how to be safe and how to keep safe during different activities. We came up with lots of ideas of how to keep safe. 

I hope you had lots of fun during your days off, playing in the snow and keeping warm! Please feel free to send in any photos of your fun! 


W/B 19.02.2018 'Musical and Measuring Madness!'

This week, the children have been learning about measuring. The children used measuring tapes to measure different things around the room, even Miss Kennard! We ordered items from biggest to smallest. During music, the children listened to a song called 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers. The children talked about what they liked and what they didn't like about the song. It was great to see the children use their listening skills throughout this song. 
After listening to the song, the children got out some musical instruments and used them in different ways, creating lots of noisy sounds! Some children tapped out a beat which other children copied! In Literacy, the children described different mini-beasts as this term our topic is Animals. We encouraged children to write poems about the mini-beasts too!


The children enjoyed playing in their new home corner, 'The Vets' where lots of very important surgical procedures are taking place. What a wonderful first week back! :)

W/B 5.02.2018

This week the children enjoyed lots of different unexpected treats. During maths, the children measured different animal footprints. They used cubes or beads to count and measure the length of each footprint. Lots of children noticed that some footprints are smaller or bigger than others, great use of maths language! To finish the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', the children sequenced the story and wrote captions or simple sentences to explain the main themes. Lot's of fantastic writing, using their letter formation that they have learnt this term.

In your child's book bags, you should have some handwriting sheets to help your child practise their letter formation at home. Please notice we have also sent home the rhymes we say to go with the letter (this sheet can be found in your child's phoneme book). Don't forget you can use sand, rice, shaving foam and lots of other physical ways to form your letters. 

On the last day of term, the children enjoyed a very artistic theatre production and to finish the children made pancakes which were gobbled up in seconds! Photos to follow...


In your child's reading record book, we have stuck in the alphabet with capital letters and smaller case letters. Use this to support your child when practising to name the alphabet and also recognising that 'A' is the same as 'a'. Particularly when reading capital letters in their reading books.


Happy half term! :) 

Phonics Powerpoint Presentation February 2018

05.02.2018 - Phonics Talk 

Thank you to those who attended the phonics talk today. Please see attached documents used for those who were unable to attend. Further resources will be sent home as well. 


Questions raised:


The children have been doing handwriting on Friday. This term we have looked at curly caterpillar letters. At the end of half term you will receive a handwriting pack so your child can practise at home. After half term, we will continue to practise curly caterpillar letters to ensure children are secure with these letter formations. 


Split Digraphs

Split digraphs like, a_e, i_e, o_e, e_e, u_e are covered in Year 1 phonics (phase 5). Words with these phonics may include, cake, hide, phone, even, prune. 

By summer term if children are confident enough to begin learning phase 5 phonics their teacher will begin to introduce them to phase 5 phonics. However, this will only occur if the children are confident and secure in reading and spelling phase 2-3 phonemes, digraphs and trigraphs.

If your child spells a word like 'made' using the 'ai' digraph instead; producing maid, then this is a great example of your child using their current phonics knowledge. If you wish, you can explain the correct way of spelling 'made' (or which ever word this happens with). The rule we encourage in Reception, is for children to spell words using their current phonic knowledge.

 W/B 29.01.2018 - "I've made a swimming pool for my pig!"


This week the children have been busily making houses for their pet pigs. Using a range of materials, they've been creating all sorts of extensions, slides and comfy environments. The pigs have thoroughly enjoyed playing alongside the children, despite losing their stick on eyes along the way!

During English, the children have created an imaginary house on paper. These houses have been made with chocolate, flowers and hearts! The children then independently labelled their houses. What a creative week we've had! 


Just as a reminder, there will be a 'Phonics Talk' in Ash class on the 5th February at 3:20pm. All information shared will be uploaded to this page for those who cannot attend. 

W/B 22.01.2018 - We're going on a PIG hunt!


This week the children squelched around the nearby park looking for pigs! Luckily (or very carefully organised...) we found 2 pigs hidden away, oinking for all to hear. The children enjoyed getting out of the class and noticed lots of different items on their way which linked to the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. Many thanks to those who were able to assist with the walk.

Later in the week, we had a lovely surprise of an ambulance visiting Trull playground. Thank you to pre-school for letting us join in on the fun. Surprisingly, when asked the question by Rachel the paramedic, 'Who's been in an ambulance before?' Almost 99% of Ash class decided to raise their hands... Maybe they thought she meant, who wanted to go and beep the horn? That or I have a very accident prone class on my hands. Finally to end the week, Ash class made their own cuddly pigs which we will care for next week.

W/B 15.01.2018 - Suddenly, there was a knock at the door... It was the BIG BAD WOLF! 


This week the children have continued to learn the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have retold the story using 'Talk for Writing' actions to help remember what part comes next. In our topic work, the children learnt new facts about pigs and wolves. This lead to the children creating very informative fact books! Also this week, the children got very messy with paint, producing wolf or pig pictures. These are now beautifully displayed in their 'Three Little Pigs' home corner. Pictures to follow... 

W/B 08.01.2018 - What a wonderful first week back!


Our first week included a visit from Mrs Wedlake, an investigation as to who's been playing in our playground, a big reveal with our home corner and to top it all off, teaching Miss Kennard all about Ash class! 



Thank you so much to all parents for all their kind and very generous cards, vouchers and gifts! I have been spoilt. I hope you all have a lovely and very restful Christmas. Mrs B xx

Thank you so much to all parents for all their kind and very generous cards, vouchers and gifts! I have been spoilt. I hope you all have a lovely and very restful Christmas. Mrs B xx 1

What an exciting week in Foundation Stage! We all performed beautifully in our Nativity.

A huge thank you to our Year Six narrators.

A huge thank you to our Year Six narrators. 1
A huge thank you to our Year Six narrators. 2
A huge thank you to our Year Six narrators. 3
Picture 1
Picture 1

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all had a fabulous half term break. Thank you so much for all our 'WOW' notes. Keep them coming in....

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all had a fabulous half term break. Thank you so much for all our 'WOW' notes. Keep them coming in.... 1
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We love to help each other in Ash Class...

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend parent meetings this week. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with you, and hope you all have a wonderful (and restful) half term!

Today we went over to the church for our Harvest Experience!

This is our Foundation Stage Prayer Tree.

We love seeing Mrs Wedlake...especially when we receive a Head Teachers Award!

We love seeing Mrs Wedlake...especially when we receive a Head Teachers Award! 1

Today we had our first assembly in Church. We were welcolmed by Mrs Wedlake and our Chair of Governors Mrs Hughes.

Mr Bottomley came to read us the story of Hairy Maclary.

We all got on to the Super Star today. Mr Bottomley was very impressed!

Today we went to our first whole school assembly. This is Mr Strange and 'Dunk' the dog!

Today we agreed our Ash Class Golden Rules!

Today we agreed our Ash Class Golden Rules! 1

Today we went to our first KS1 assembly!

Our first day of school lunches...Yum yum!

Look out for our Foundation Stage photograph in the Gazette!

Each term we provide a Curriculum Overview to share with parents the topics we will be covering

Our Topic this term is .........

Our Topic this term is ......... 1

EYFS Curriculum Meeting Powerpoint September 2017