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All Saints Church, Trull

All Saints Church, Trull


We consider ourselves to be one big family together with All Saints Church and the local community. Our Rector is Adrian Youings, Mark Close is our curate and Sam Upham is the Family Support Worker.  Between them, they all liaise very closely with us.



Adrian Youings                          Mark Close                                Sam Upham


We attend a service in the Church on the first Wednesday of every month and also have a member of the Clergy come to our school on the other Wednesday mornings to conduct a service in our school hall, which parents and young siblings are warmly invited to attend. 


Worship Through Play sessions, that the Church organise, are exciting times for us when the children participate in wonderful activities over two days in school, one day for Key Stage one and one day for Key Stage two.  We have also experienced these sessions in the church which gives us time for awe and wonder and a lovely calm space for reflection.